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"Care Management" Rates

Clients will find AMAH’s Heart’s rates to be among the area’s most competitive, and we believe that combined with our high standards for caregivers in our registry, we provide the best value in the Nevada and Placer County areas. We offer the convenience of a registry of quality, independent caregivers, whom we have screened and selected via a thorough interview process.


The experienced caregivers in our registry offer quality care with training and skills that range from companionship to more hands on, comprehensive care. Many also have extensive backgrounds in palliative and end-of-life care.  If a client is unsure of what services or level of care is most appropriate, or if they simply wish to compare our offerings to others under consideration, we encourage them to call us for a FREE consultation and assessment of their care needs.


Our registry offers various Client Care Management packages that will be discussed with each client when we meet to discuss their needs. Each client will have a tailor-made package just for them, based on shift length and level of care required. Part of the care management provided is a telephony system monitored by Clear Care Systems, which allows clients and their family members to oversee the care of their loved one(s) and have 24/7 access to all shift logs and caregiver’s comments. 


Once a Registry Service Agreement is implemented, which describes the scope of services the client is initially requesting and the costs associated with this scope of service.  We assist the client  in selecting a pre-screened caregiver (or team of caregivers) to best fit their situation. Clients will interview them personally.  Their chosen Independent Caregiver’s will have a separate contract for providing these services, based on the terms to which both client and caregiver have agreed to in the interview. Generally the costs per hour are quite a bit lower to go thru our registry. It is important to keep in mind that with AMAH’s direct-contract registry model, more of the money goes directly to the caregiver, which is why we are able to provide very high quality Independent Contractors.


** Note: Each client is advised that they may wish to consult a financial advisor or tax preparer as to whether they will need to pay a direct-contract caregiver as a household employee.

Caregiver Compensation Rates

Caregiver compensation is determined based upon shift length and the level of care provided. As  part of the Care Management package that clients are afforded,  an outside book-keeping service has been contracted with to generate compensation checks for caregivers on a weekly basis, on behalf of the client.  There is no need for client’s to deduct payroll taxes or worker’s compensation, as the caregivers are Independent Contractors.  Please see the note at the bottom of the first page though.  In addition, each client’s caregiver(s) will be 1099’ed, on behalf of the client, by the book-keeping service at the end of every year, with the applicable paperwork sent into State and Federal agencies.


Caregiver’s Compensation rates generally run between Eighteen Dollars ($18) and Twenty Five Dollars ($25) per hour depending on the type care required. A higher skill level of care required compensates at a higher dollar amount per hour.

AMAH'S Heart Registry Referral Commissions and Care Management Package Rates

We charge a flat rate of fifty dollars ($50) per week for clients with five (5) to twelve (12) hours of services provided them. Anything less than five (5) hours or over twelve is negotiated but generally runs from three dollars and fifty cents ($3.50) per hour for companion type care upwards to five dollars ($5.00) per hour and is based on AMAH’s Heart’s involvement with care management.  


Each client will have pre-negotiated rate, tailored to their needs.  Specialized care, such as post-hospital convalescing and Hospice care, which require constant jobsite monitoring by our office, understandably will be billed at a higher rate.


Each will be specifically stated in the Client’s individualized Registry Referral Agreement.


All fees are built into a client’s individualized Care Management Package. Every client will clearly see on their weekly invoicing their specific rate, separated from the caregivers compensation amount(s).


Fees are billed weekly and payable upon invoice receipt. Caregivers cannot be compensated for their services until their client has paid.  AMAH’s Heart’s banking institution (Tri-Counties Bank) holds “fund availability” for twenty-four (24) hours before allowing access. Therefore payments should be made no later than the Friday following receipt of client invoice.


Thank-you for your interest in our registry. We look forward to being of service.

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