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Why Choose a Private Care, Consumer-Directed Registry

Advantages in a Nutshell -

  1. It is a more cost-efficient model
  2. Consumers can individually select the caregivers who will provide their care
  3. Consumers enjoy greater continuity in caregiver relationships, which fosters a heightened level of caregiver loyalty and dedication.
  4. Caregivers are more generously compensated meaning they are more encouraged to provide a higher quality service
  5. No risk of a caregiver that a client likes being reassigned to another client
  6. It supports caregiver entrepreneurship, whihc also promotes a higher level of professionalism in the service provided
  7. Consumers manage all aspects of the home-care relationship, without any third party interference in their relationship with their caregiver
  8. A larger portion of each dollar you pay for home care is received by the caregiver, providing you access to a higher-quality caregiver per dollar spent
  9. To promote consumer safety, caregivers are not eligible for referral until after they pass a rigorous background-screening and credential verification
  10. Just-in-time access to pre-screened and pre-credential verified caregivers

You Are in Control -


When you or a loved one requires private in-home care, trust a private care registry. We put the care in YOUR control, because YOU make the decisions about the type of care you want. An experienced registry will refer you to a caregiver in your area that meets your needs and requirements. The registry can provide you with information, advice, counsel, consumer tips and a list of qualified caregivers who fit your criteria, but you make the decisions.  Essentially a registry helps clients and caregivers find one another so they can decide who is best matched with whom.


Expertise You can Trust -


Registries are apt to be helpful at any time, but they can be especially helpful when time is of the essence. A registry can help find a reliable caregiver on short notice. Rather than leaving you to your own devices to determine who is qualified and who is not,  the registry already will have conducted background checks and already will have verified the references of caregivers before they are referred to you. You can also feel secure that our caregivers are expected to follow God's moral standards.

Types of Care

Any care you provide will be based on your expressed needs that you will list on the profile that we ask you to fill out. AMAH’s Heart provides independent providers that can cover a wide range of needs, all the way from simple Companion Care to Home Helpers that assist with 1st stage dementia, incontinent care and simple bathing and dressing. We also can provide caregivers to assist with the more intensive care of those with Special Needs as in middle stage dementia, strokes, ambulatory issues, caring for two clients at one time and Hospice Care. AMAH offers short- term Transition Care for those just leaving the hospital and in need of temporary assistance to get back to their regular daily schedule, as well as Respite Care for family members in need of a little time off.


Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Provide companionship and conversation.
  2. Assistance with walking (providing an arm for stabilization) and light exercise.
  3. Meal preparation and clean-up of meal related items.
  4. Provide appointment and timely reminders.


Primary Responsibilities:

  1. All primary services of companion.
  2. All "hands on" personal care (assistance with bathing, dressing and toileting)
  3. All chore work.
  4. Dementia care (first stages)
  5. Incidental Transportation
  6. Assistance with ambulation and transferring, using appropriate safety gear.
  7. "Light" transfers- ie: gait belt, hands-on, etc. Client has ability to assist in transfer.


Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Challenging behavior management.
  2. Care of two clients at one time.
  3. Hospice Care
  4. Special Situations: Night monitoring, oxygen usage, "heavy" transfer (Hoyer, lift, etc.)
    AMAH’s Heart understands that initially the care-giving provider is being used as an alternative to an assisted care facility. Should the need eventually arise for you to seek alternative care, we ask that you give us a much notice as possible, in order to ensure your provider that they will be placed as soon as possible with another client.

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