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Located in the heart of Grass Valley, we started our ministry in 2010, dedicating ourselves to becoming Nevada and Placer County's source for all things care-giving. We started two companies at the same time: a "for-profit", known as AMAH Homecare, Inc. and a non-profit, AMAH's Heart Ministries, Inc. Our name, "AMAH", comes from the Greek for "maidservant". One of our founders even came up with the acronym for A.M.A.H. - A Maidservant AHeart. Perfect!


As caregivers ourselves, with over fifty years of experience combined, we were actively aware of the shortage of quality, skilled caregivers for in-home care clients. In addition, there was no place caregiver’s could go to find a steady source of clients.  More so, our hearts went out to family members struggling to properly care of their loved ones on their own, with no cohesive resource center to lean on. We felt called to address these community needs.


We began first with our caregiver’s registry as a source of independent in-home care providers servicing clients in these two counties. Those of us who oversee this ministry follow God’s moral guidelines for ourselves. We ask that those who come into our Registry feel and act the same- regardless of their religious background.


Four years later- and with the recent expansion of our Registry and God’s provision of larger, new offices- the decision was made to handle all aspects of this business entirely thru the non-profit, lovingly known as AMAH’s Heart. We now have the ability to fully develop our educational training site for caregivers of all walks of life.


Because of our Christian beliefs, we feel we have been “gifted” with caregiver’s hearts, who have the ability to love and reassure and who desire to use our gifts to serve in the our local community and beyond.  Please see our “Mission and Goals” to find out exactly where God is leading us.

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AMAH's Heart's Model for Homecare

Consumer Directed Care is the model of homecare delivery that AMAH’s Heart specializes in.  This type of care emphasizes the rights of the client in determining the course of their care.

Typical Consumers of Homecare Services

  • Senior Citizens
  • Disabled Individuals of any age
  • People of any age suffering from long-term illness
  • Individuals of any age who need short-term care following an operation or a hospital stay.

Advantages of Consumer-Directed Care

CONSUMERS have found that the principal advantage of Consumer- Directed Care is that it provides them with greater participation in decisions concerning their care, allowing them to individually select caregivers and allows them greater continuity in caregiver relationships. Moreover, the Consumer-Directed model of care costs less- clients often save 25% or more on their cost of care.


Finding the right caregiver can be a daunting task- particularly in the aftermath of hospitalization or sudden illness. Creating and placing advertisements for caregivers, performing rounds of interviews, conducting multiple reference checks and verifying credentials are just some of the steps that AMAH’s Heart Caregiver’s Registry will take, to ensure you get the right caregiver at the right price.


CAREGIVERS are able to earn fair compensation thru the Consumer Directed Care model. Many experienced caregivers prefer registries, such as AMAH’s Heart, over an Agency Directed Care model. It gives caregivers direct involvement in all aspects of the care being provided, including the care plan, and the cost of care.

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Benefits of Using Consumer Direct Care

For Consumers:

  • Safety- Access to pre-screened caregivers with the skills and/or certifications a consumer needs
  • Convenience- Skilled Caregivers can be obtained on short notice for short or long-term assignments
  • Continuity- Consumers can work with their caregiver indefinitely or discontinue service at any time
  • Empowerment - Working with a registry, consumers decide:
     a. When the services will be provided
     b. Where the services will be provided
     c. The type of services that will be provided and at what cost
  • Service - Registries are always available to refer a new caregiver at any time

For Caregivers:

  • Affords them the ability to be their own business entity, acting as an independent provider of in home care services
  • Maintains general liability insurance and professional liability insurance on them
  • Conducts face to face interviews with all registry clients
  • Keeps all caregiver and client information confidential
  • Enables them to accurately keep track of their services via a telephony system administered by Clear Care Online Systems
  • Provides an outside bookkeeping service to handle caregiver's invoicing and compensation checks, as well as generating year end 1099's for them from their client
  • Generates a template of a Client Service Agreement for each of their clients, which can be revised by the caregiver, as needed.
  • Aggressively markets, advertises and has membership in various local organizations to promote the registry and therefore the network of providers
  • Provides a written contract with the registry detailing, among other things,  the caregiver’s responsibilities as an Independent Contractor and legitimate business entity and the  caregiver’s tax responsibilities.

For Government Agencies and Insurance Companies:

  • Records management- a Central and reliable repository of records for maintaining all caregiver information
  • Cost control- A less expensive model for delivering homecare to individuals
  • Information dissemination- A single point of contact to reach caregivers and/or consumers
  • Tax reporting- Information reporting (Form 1099)
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Mission Statement:

We seek to equip, empower and support the caregivers of this world thru education and resources involving skill training, motivational classes, community service volunteer opportunities and financial support. Our heart’s desire is that we will  plant a “mustard seed of hope” in everyone we come in contact with. And that they have been given the same opportunity to better themselves, their families and their communities as we have been given.


  1. To affiliate and work with existing organizations that need assistance with their current educational and empowerment programs.
  2. To offer further economic development to AMAH’s Heart’s network of independent care providers via skill training and empowering seminars.
  3. To provide scholarships for education and/or oversee micro business start-up loans for those desiring to enter the care-giving field.
  4. To come alongside specific international organizations who are assisting native countrymen with their own economic and social development.
  5. To seek grants, subsidies and loans to further facilitate these goals.
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We are proud to be of service wherever God calls us.

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“Oh that You would bless us indeed, enlarge our territories, that Your hand would be with us and that you would keep us from evil.”

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