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Our Statement of Faith

  • Our number one priority will always be to lead with prayer.
  • We will ask God if this business enterprise is and will be according to His plan and will.
  • We will ask for His permission and guidance whether AMAH’S HEART is what He wants us to do.
  • We will search our hearts to be sure our motives and intentions are in line with God and the good of others.
  • We will ask Him if He wants to be the builder through us of this, His house- so that it will stand, flourish and bear His good fruit.
  • We will ask God to give us confirmation of His will.
  • We will boldly ask, if it is His will, to provide the means and resources to go forward with confidence with His plan.
  • We will daily dedicate and commit AMAH’S HEART to Him.
  • We will proclaim, with our lives that AMAH’S HEART  is His and that we are His partners with the responsibility to be good stewards with what He entrusts us.
  • We ask that this pleases Him, that it brings Him credit and glory until He either closes it or He returns!
  • Our prayers will be that we don’t jump before God, but instead follow Him… in ALL THINGS AND DECISIONS.
  • We agree to approach this enterprise responsibly, with integrity.
  • We will plan wisely and professionally.
  • Above all- we will give the time and room for the Holy Spirit to direct us, according to His will.

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“Oh that You would bless us indeed, enlarge our territories, that Your hand would be with us and that you would keep us from evil.”

1 Chron. 4:10:

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