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The following pre-requisites need to be met before AMAH HomeCare will consider placing you in our network. Once these are completed and reviewed you will be asked to sign an “Agency Master Placement Agreement” with us which places you in our database.



  1. Business Bank Account: checking or savings
  2. City Business License
  3. Business Card
  4. Vaccinations: Influenza, Hepatitis B, Negative TB test.
  5. Adult 1st Aid/CPR certificate of completion. Proof of sign-up for a class and completion of this class within three months will allow you to be placed, and stay, in our network.
  6. Clean DMV record
  7. Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, Insurance Records (if you are interested in any position where a client potentially could be transported in your vehicle)



1.)    Business Bank Account: a business bank account, either checking or savings, is required. If you don’t have one, you may open one at any bank of your choice. Your first check will be made out to your business name. You can use this check to open your account. If your full, legal name (ie: Susan Smith’s Companion Care) is NOT in the name of your business, the bank will require you to have a certified copy of a “Fictitious Business Name Statement”. These can be obtained at the Nevada County Government Building/Eric Rood Center at 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, 2nd Floor Clerk Recorder’s office. The fee for this is $24.00. You will be given three copies of this certification: one for the bank, one for publication in a newspaper and one for your records. This certification must be published within 30 days or the FBNS is invalid and you stand a chance of losing the name of your business to someone else. Again- you only need to do this if your legal name is NOT in the name of your business.


The bank will also require a Tax ID of some sort, either your social security number or an EIN. An EIN is obtained from the IRS and most banks have a direct call line to them. The IRS number is 800-829-1040 if you choose to call them yourself. In addition, you will need to have an opening deposit to start up your bank account. Note: AMAH HomeCare's preference is to have all caregiver’s compensation checks directly deposited into your business account. You will need to ask your bank for an “Enrollment Request Form” which is an authorized agreement allowing direct deposit. AMAH HomeCare will fill out the pertinent section with “issuer’s name”, etc. then you may return it to your bank.


2.)    City Business License: The need to have a copy of a city business license is strictly for AMAH’s usage. It is one further item that legitimizes you as a viable business entity. The least expensive license is from the City of Grass Valley and can be obtained from the Grass Valley City Hall offices located at 125 East Main Street, downtown Grass Valley. There is a fee of $25, regardless of the time of year you apply.


3.)    Business Cards: These can be obtained for free, with just a shipping and handling charge, through Or you can make your own, of course. AMAH HomeCare does have a template established already and you’re welcome to use our computer program and printer to generate your cards. Staples carries some very nice looking card stock.


4.)    Vaccinations: Flu shots are given at the County Mobile Service Van, located behind the Grass Valley Veteran’s Building at 255 South Auburn Street in downtown Grass Valley. The fee is $10 and they are available certain times of the year, generally October through March. You may also get your shots, if you were not vaccinated with these as a child. The fee for those is $50. TB testing is offered at the Nevada County Public Health department for a $10 fee. They are located at 500 Crown Point Circle, Suite 100, off of Brunswick Road near Idaho Maryland. Their number is 265-1731. The tests are only administered on Mondays (no appointment necessary) between the hours of 8AM and Noon. You will need to have the test site checked in the same week , on Wednesday between Noon and 3PM.


5.)    CPR/First Aid (Adult): AMAH can provide you with the latest scheduled classes to obtain your CPR/First Aid certificate. Classes are offered through various agencies, fairly frequently, for varying costs. IHSS/Public Authority in partnership with Nevada Union Adult Education does offer other great training classes (free) to all providers, IHSS or not. **As long as we know you are registered for a class, you will be welcomed aboard. We’ll need to see the Certificate of Completion within three months of being placed in the network. Proof of registration and completion of the class within three months will qualify you to enter, and stay, in the network.


6.)    Clean DMV record: obtained at the local DMV office, 11890 Sutton Way, Grass Valley.


7.)    Driver’s License and Vehicle Information: if you intend on accepting a client that may require transportation in your car, AMAH requires a copy of your current driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance coverage.

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